Officers turn out in their numbers for grand parade

The March started at approximately 6:30 am Saturday, from American Road across to Old Parham Road unto Independence Drive, up Desouza Road, down Kentish Road into Grays Farm Station for a water and nature break. Then from Grays Farm to Market Street, where The Commissioner of Police took the salute, flanked with Deputy Commissioner Hodge Who recently celebrated 41 years of service. The procession continued unto Newgate Street, into Point area, then on to Popeshead Street, back onto Newgate Street, Thames Street and up Church Street where the march was terminated.

It was perhaps the biggest route march since its introduction more than four decades ago. It was the first time the Fire Brigade led the route march, as ASP Weeks was the most senior of the Assistant Superintendents on parade. Also for the first time the SSU And RRU formed a separate platoon in their BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) and carrying AK-47 rifles.

In total there were eight large platoons:  including, the Gazetted Officers Core and inspectors forming their own platoon. This did not include the police band. Breakfast was then served at Police Headquarters. The Commissioner of Police himself marched throughout the near seven miles, except when taking the salute at the West Indies Oil service station at the market area.

The men were well motivated, and ambulance and medics were on standby as well as a most heightened security contingent of SSU, CID, Special Branch and other unidentified police personnel presence

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