Bambalala so vex I have to come back with an extra edition, about what took place on Crusader Radio. You can imagine Juno and fled the scene talking about democratic system Juno is saying when you don’t perform in the democratic system they vote you out, and on the other hand fled the scene is saying Baldwin did a wonderful job.

Bambalala believe you all didn’t get the message ah done all you done wid, 14 pass three. Next thing what do Barbuda people really want, if Walker and them win their case would they rejoice, what would they be rejoicing for, to leave Barbuda as it is?

What has Walker done for 10 years for Barbudans to say theybenefit from Walkers Stewardship, Bambalala was reliably informed that somebody came through the back door with a bottle of gasoline and a bottle of diesel oil and say I need the project I will supply all of the fuel. Can somebody be half pregnant, you cannot be half pregnant, is either you’re with child or not, either you want the project or not. Same thing happen over at Carlisle Bay, Joanne want jobs for people and Kublai say he want environmental impact study, I never see a goat with bridle in his mouth yet or cockroach in fowl pen, what Kublai know about environmental impact study.

I’m calling on the Honourable Asot Michael, you can’t have taxi drivers a rape people and chatting foolishness on the radio talking about they love Antigua. You can’t mash up the good job you’re doing by bring ships here for tourists to be molested by taxi drivers. Who the cap fit wear it.

Lovell would you really want to lead? Tanny expose you already of not telling the truth, he even ask you to apologize to Antigua people. Remember the downfall of the UPP is “Leadership Matters”. We’re not frightened about the non-starter Namba Lumba Adams, the gun fire and he hasn’t come out the starting block yet. Oh lord his English killing people, remember “Leadership Matters”.

The Honourable Gaston Browne they are nothing but Economic Terrorists, every investor come they want to block, and who are the blockers, UPP die hard supporters who were kicked out of office 14 pass 3.

Chester Hughes you’re not sitting comfortable, they say you’rein the bathroom faster than ever. Chester how can one obtain a drivers license without being tested, if you don’t tell me I’m going to ask Tanny, if you don’t know you just don’t know.

Then the big question, who’s next? Chester why you want Dean Jonas to be fired, is he digging too deep and too fast? Bambalala will tell you the rest on Tuesday.

ABLP stuck with significant car park debt incurred under UPP

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