Useful Links

WorkingEuropa – The European Union On-Line – This is the European Union’s official web site.  Users can access the web sites of all governing institutions, current information on common policy areas and issues, and archival documents.  The wealth of information available through this site will be invaluable to all Model EU faculty and students.

Vote Watch – Voting records of Members of the European Parliament, also by party groups and Member States.

European Parliament’s Multimedia Center – Video from the European Parliament. Watch for hints on the nature of debates, proper procedure, decorum, and even individual styles of your alter egos.

Other EU Simulations

  • Midwest Model European Union (EU-Midwest)
  • SUNY Model European Union (SUNYMEU)
  • Trans-Atlantic Consortium for European Union Studies & Simulations (TACEUSS/EuroSim)
  • West Coast Model EU