No outside of the rules recount in Barbuda expected

The Barbuda Peoples Movement (BPM) wants a recount in the just concluded Barbuda Council Elections. However, and unless the BPM receives a court order, it is unlikely that such recount would happen. That is because the BPM may have acted too late in lodging its request. Public Relations Officer (PRO) for the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC), Anne Haywood-George, says that the Supervisor of Elections has no intention to grant the request of the BPM request in the absence of just and reasonable cause.

Haywood-George explained that the BPM failed to comply with the rules governing elections, and particularly, those rules that are specific to requesting recounts. The PRO indicated that the law requires for the party seeking a recount, to make its request immediately known after the count and, before the boxes are re-sealed while all the agents are still in place. Haywood-George says this was not done on Tuesday night at the end of the count.

Returning Officer, John Jarvis, said he stands by the integrity of the process used in the actual count, which at the end, all tally clerks similarly had identical figures.

Jarvis suggested that the BPM leadership is fully knowledgeable of the electoral rules; and he therefore, is surprised that the leadership would wait until the process has ended, to be wanting a recount after the fact. On Wednesday, the BPM presented a letter to Jarvis requesting the recount. Jarvis, however, says that unless the court orders him to initiate the recount, he is not prepared to grant such a request which would appear beyond the scope of his legal obligations.

In the Elections, the BPM won two seats and the ABLP the other two. Apparently, the BPM belatedly wants a recount because there was a one-vote margin of difference between its losing candidate and the successful ABLP candidate.

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