BRUTAL KILLING – Popular footballer murdered

Popular Parham footballer turned coach, Urcell ‘Iron Sheikh’ Martin, was violently chopped to death in front of his house on Monday afternoon.

The police are investigating the country’s latest homicide. Acting Police Commissioner, Wendell Robinson, confirmed the death of Martin, 47, of Parham.

A suspect who is a fellow villager of the deceased is now in police custody. The commissioner, who was on the scene of the crime Monday night, was unable to provide any information about the circumstances that led to Martin’s death.

However, a suspect was identified and a manhunt was launched immediately by the police. About two hours later, the suspect, Elton Chalice Charles, 39, turned himself in at the Parham Police Station.

Martin was a very popular football coach and he was described as someone very loved and respected by the Parham community.

As news of his death became known, scores of angry villagers turned up at the scene in the hope to catch a glimpse of the body as it laid on the ground yards from the house.

The badly mutilated body, with chop wounds visible even from a distance, was visited by the district medical doctor, who performed the legally required act of pronouncing Martin dead.

After the suspect was taken into custody, a small group of young men gathered near the police station openly venting their angry at what they described as an unnecessary and untimely death. Martin was coach of the second division team, ABAYA, of Parham. The acronym stands for Able, Best at All Times, Aim High, Yes! We can and All for One.

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