Impressive V.C. Bird to rival the rest

By Carlena Knight

Architect of the new terminal at the V. C. Bird International Airport and, Ambassador of the African Union – Johan Hesse – stated assuredly that “ the addition of this new terminal will rival those in the region and abroad.” This was on a tour and a walk-through of the new airport terminal by the joint strategy senior team members from the Ministry of Tourism and the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority who met for a two-day meeting beginning Monday under the astute leadership of substantive Minister of Tourism and Investments, the Honourable Asot Michael.

The attractive terminal sitting on 23,000 square foot, portrays an impressive two story building with an additional equipment wing and parking lot. There are duty free shopping centers, restaurants offering local as well as international cuisine, VIP Lounges inclusive of a Heads of State Room. In addition, there is an outdoor area with a beautiful view of Jumby Bay. Seeking to fulfill the needs of all passengers, there is also a smoke room, P.E.T. bathroom for the blind, elevators on every floor and, a healthcare facility to aid passengers.

“Forty-six check-in counters and fifteen self-check in kiosk will be added to eliminate the long lines which may be time consuming for our passengers, as well as 14 gates, four downstairs and the others upstairs … [and] to eliminate the long lines upon arrival, there are 12 emigration squares that have been installed and five baggage carousels which can process approximately 18,000 bags per hour.” According to Mr. Hesse, a “new state of the art baggage system can detect if there are any narcotics or weapons present in the luggage of passengers. We believe in putting the safety of our passengers as our first priority.” Although there is still some work needed to be done, the construction aspect of the terminal is said to end this month. Antigua and Barbuda will have every reason to be proud of this new terminal.

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  1. Observer...

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    I do hope there is an Adminral’s Club like in most international airport for first class travelers and other dignatories. We hope to attract the upper class so we need to ensure we provide for them.

  2. John French II

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    Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock!
    “Slips Outnumber Falls!”
    There is Truth, Justice and the Antigua & Barbuda Way!
    The New Terminal Facility as has been financed. designed, constructed and will be operated by the PRoC – has been recognized as number 8 of the Top 10 new terminals being constructed around the world today, repeat New Terminals BEING CONSTRUCTED.
    To that GoAB is to be saluted with the full knowledge that GoAB is continuous!
    Our Labour Market Data and Analysis has not seen the deficiency in Transportation Planners, hence we defer to others who have no concept of our Historical Referent Points & Culture! Neither Architect Johan Hesse nor Engineer B.T. Lewis are the Architect or Engineer of Record for the Facility. That is a fact which must not be twisted as we advance with FULL ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY “The People’s Rescue Plan: A Strategic Vision to Rebuild Antigua & Barbuda including Redonda and The North Sound Islands; To Empower The 95% People of African Descent ‘To Transform Antigua & Barbuda into a HARMONIOUS, PROSPEROUS and MODERN Nation; an economic powerhouse in the Caribbean; a country of equality of opportunity and justice irrespective of (age, disability, orientation) colour, class or creed” to compete Globally!

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