Seabourn Spirit puts on emergency drill in tandem with local authorities

The coordination and cooperation between Seabourn Spirit cruise ship and local authorities will be put to task today when a drill is performed responding to onboard emergencies. The Seabourn Spirit fire and bomb threat exercise is being carried out to test communication systems and coordination protocols between the ship, port officials, the St. John’s Development Corporation, business owners in the Heritage Quay area and, local emergency responders.

The crew and staff of Seabourn Spirit will play the role of victims during the course of the exercise which will commence at 0915hrs with a phone call to the reception desk on board the ship to inform them that two improvised explosive devices (IEDs) are planted on board and will be detonated (i.e. explode) in 30 minutes. All ship parties involved will be informed and a search routine will be initiated. The captain of Seabourn Spirit will inform the ship’s head office located in Seattle, USA, together with the local agent, Bryson Shipping. Intern, Bryson Shipping will trigger the alert and notify the relevant local authorities.

The exercise will evaluate vehicular traffic management and control plans as it relates to access and exit routes to determine if these are suitably efficient to address an emergency onboard a cruise ship moored at Heritage Quay. Adequate use of resources will be monitored so as to determine whether these are efficiently maximised; this is inclusive of the evacuation procedures to evaluate their efficiency with the general safety and security of the general public also a consideration.

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