The ABLP on mission to make Barbuda prosper for Barbudans

Over the past few months, Barbuda has been a hot bed of activity and controversy – both positive and negative. There were some issues but many of the hiccups have either been settled or are in the process of being negated. The ABLP led administration, sticking to its 2014 Manifesto pledge of “ending neglect, developing Barbuda for the benefit of Barbudans,” is becoming reality and not fiction. Furthermore, and again consistent with the promises made during the 2014 general elections campaign, Prime Minister Gaston Browne, Minister Nibbs responsible for Barbuda affairs, and the Cabinet as a whole have combined to ensure that “projects approved by the Barbuda Council are treated with respect and quickly ratified by the Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda.” The Government’s approach has been working and it has not sought to be divisive in anyway, but to bring greater transparency and information to the people of Barbuda. In essence, the work to develop the Barbuda under the ABLP in conjunction with the Barbuda Council continues unabated. For example:

• In February the APUA engines broke down and the island has been force to load shed power for several weeks. The Prime Minister gave instructions to the APUA management to secure a generator to be shipped to Barbuda immediately but due to high seas it was delayed. However, the power has since then been restored to normal, and this was done just over a week ago as soon as was practically possible.

• The Government announced that the process has begun to secure a 1.5 mega watt alternative energy plant for Barbuda in keeping with the ABLP’s campaign promises.

• The ABLP Government has secured and disbursed the funds owed to the Barbuda Council workers for the period 2012-2015. This too was a pledge made upon entering office.

• The redevelopment of the K-Club property has been approved by the Barbuda Council and the people of Barbuda. This project is expected to inject investments over US$250 million into the island, extending over the next few years

• Through efforts of the ABLP, a grant of US$ 20,000 has been secured for the upgrade of the Holy Trinity School Computer Lab; this was neglected a prolonged time.

The bible says where there is no vision, the people will perish. Over the past 35 years the future of Barbuda had been placed in the hands of the visionless leaders of the BPM. During that time, the Barbudan economy saw little or no growth and hardly any development projects came to the island. This drought of investments and projects was perpetuated by the Baldwin Spencer Administration; instead of bringing development, investors were being ignored and numerous were chased away.

The ABLP has promised the people of Barbuda economic growth, sustainable development, and an improvement in the standard of living for each local man and woman. In two short years, with the ABLP at the helm of the Barbuda Council, there is hope together with realising the goal of prosperity.

Therefore, it is on Tuesday 24 March 2015 that Barbudans must take the final step in ensuring the vision for the people is not blocked by the selfish few who want no good for the island. The ABLP and, by extension all those with a keen interest in seeing significant improvements being achieved for the well-being of Barbudans, are encouraging you to turn out in your numbers to vote for the candidates of the ABLP. Voting for the ABLP is in reality, a vote for a good today, better tomorrows, and a Barbuda that your offspring can be proud of given your sacrifices over the years.

The ABLP urges you, begs you, to support and vote for Robbie Burton, Wesley Beazer, Emuck John, and Sen. Adrian Lee. This is the team that is best for these times when we are marching towards the most significant accomplishments ever in the history of Barbuda. By voting for the aforementioned candidates, Barbudans can stand proudly and say, “we have done our part for our children’s future and in realising our Prime Minister’s vision for making our nation an economic powerhouse.

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