Crime reduction is top priority, says Safety Adviser – Michael Burton

Caribbean Times would like to commend the public safety advisor, Michael Burton for being on the ball as he works with the Police and other agencies to improve on the national push for crime reduction in Antigua and Barbuda. The Public Safety Adviser has taken his role a step further and has purchased among other things, a few tablets and laptops to assist the Police in its work; mostly accounted for from his own pocket. Burton is making sure that police officers are not short of anything they require to perform their jobs with the highest level of expediency.

Mr. Burton wishes to thank Minister Nicholas and his team, and Sgt Morgan for always being on top of things when asked to assist the police with desktops and other necessary supplies. Recognising that the Government “can’t do it all,” Burton chose to make an impact that would help the officers execute their duties with them having adequate resources. According to this committed man that is driven by the need for good, that is why “I donated the tablets and laptops because I saw first-hand what my police officers are working with. At times to get the job done it calls for one to go beyond the call of duty.”

Speaking on the expectations rested in him, Burton related that “the Minister of Public Safety – the Honourable Steadroy Benjamin and the Prime Minister, the Honourable Gaston Browne – expect me to reduce crime in Antigua and Barbuda.” In addition, “my good citizens of Antigua and Barbuda also expect me to do the same,” Burton alluded to. Speaking frankly and realistically, Burton reasons that “crime has no colour, no political tides, so I am working for every citizen and the visitors in Antigua and Barbuda.”

With encouragement and an open invitation to the general public, Michael Burton has appealed “to the public to keep coming forward with information, and to continue to assist the police in any way you can,” further suggesting that the public’s input “could be [giving] information, donations,” or any assistance in other ways. Mr. Burton, even with his sense of humility and loyalty, expressed congratulations “to Acting Commissioner Robinson, Assistant Commissioner Hughes, Corporal Ray John, and the taskforce team for the jobs they are doing,” to help in reducing the incidence of crime. As Burton reminds us, “failure is not an option,” and Caribbean Times wish him success as he goes about his duties in order to make Antigua and Barbuda a safer place to live and we are assured of the work being done in public safety.

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