People, open your eyes, and take heed!

Caribbean Times has been informed by a source that there is an entity masquerading as having the best interest of Antigua and Barbuda at heart. ‘The Movement’ – assuming it does exist – is known to include persons of questionable character, being pompous in public, and having no political capital. More suspicious are the grounds apparently bringing to life this grouping which has vowed, at all cost, to ‘bring down’ Gaston Browne and the ‘Labour Party’, rather than finding solutions to the nation’s problems and alternative paths to development.

At a time when political healing needs to take place and the country ought to settle down and move ahead with the serious business of handling the affairs of the many who are still unemployed, or suffer from a system that has not always been kind, one wonders why a group will wear the cloak of progress while walking with the dangerous daggers of the butcher and deceit laced on their tongues?

Any form of orchestration that seeks out from the start to snake around the reality, distort the facts, inhibit national progress, chair calamity while encouraging large-scale divisiveness is a Movement thwarted with inhumanity. The Movement appears bent on condemning democracy to the dungeon on the basis of envy and bitterness. The Movement needs to be banished immediately and sent to the political wilderness – never to return by election, selection, or proximity to power.

Those types of diabolical forces are no good for any progressive nation. This country and its people have had more than a fair share of socio-economic backwardness for the better part of the last 10 years. We the people, owe it to ourselves and not to the politicians to ensure the national economic rescue mission is successful. Divisiveness and setting up strawmen with anti-government rhetoric and subtle plots to destroy all that The Movement cannot build, is dangerous and reckless. Surely, plotting overthrow and scheming through the ruse of ambushes cannot be the way to improve the fortunes of the collective society.

Similarly, it cannot be too helpful to constantly sing that the current administration is the epitome of purity. No one is unblemished, and such praises which come only on the basis of undivided loyalty for the government, will also create animosity in secret. In this country, there is much more that has to be done in terms of recovery, growth, and repositioning the economy so that prosperity returns to the nation. We cannot remain imprisoned in the cacophony of partisan politicking at a time when our development needs unity and all hands on deck.

The world turns rapidly, and we must be able to lift our game in national unity to meet the emerging demands. Given the squirming, crawling, and wretched behaviour of The Movement, it becomes fair game to banish all those who set snares and lay in wait to ensnare the legitimate Government of Antigua and Barbuda and its policies for bringing about national development.

People, open your eyes, and take heed! “An arrow may fly through the air and leave no trace; but an ill thought leaves a trail like a serpent,” according to Charles Mackay. All fair-minded and reasonable people residing in Antigua and Barbuda must reject snakes in the grass, flee from the grasshoppers, and refrain from being gullible to the words of those seeking to deceive the people. Their deeds can never be described as anything good, and this is a conclusion to be reached even without the court’s judgment.


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