The Real 268 Woman: Tiffany Jordanna Henriques – Owner of Ishwari

What type of day are you having?

A fairly good and productive day.


What is it you currently do?

I’m an entrepreneur, I’m the owner of Ishwari which is an Indian Inspired concept for clothing, accessories and art. I’m a dance teacher at the Shiva School of Dance, specializing in Contemporary and Bollywood dancing. I’m also a self-taught henna artist. 


Where did you attend college and what did you major in?

Presently I’m pursuing a degree in Business Management at Penn Foster.


LBD or Jeans?

Definitely both.


Flats or stilettos?

Flats! No definitely stilettos cause I’m ridiculously short… let’s just say a bit of both. 


Are you a homebody or a socialite?

I can be a bit of homebody most of the times but I also like to socialize whenever the occasion calls to me.


What inspires you?

The idea of being the best version of myself inspires me. The feeling of getting up every day and offering a service to others and in return you get to see that smile of satisfaction on their faces. Teaching dance also inspires me, sometimes when I get a bit lazy or lack a bit of self-motivation just knowing that I have students depending on me not only to educate them but to motivate them in any way possible, by doing this it allows me to be in a position to become someones role model one day and that inspires me. 


Who is your professional role model?

Oo! That’s a tough one. I’m basically surrounded by them on a daily basis. I’m fortunate to have Andrea Andrew, Tavia Hunte and Walter O’Reilly not just as professional role models but also really good friends. 


Five words that sums you up best?

Hmm, let’s see… Hardworking, Dedicated, Loyal, Talented and Friendly.


What’s in your bag?

*Looks down in hand bag* Well you know the usual.. My purse, keys, makeup, diary, hand sanitizer, pens and some receipts.  


What is the most important tool that a woman possesses?

I would say intellect, because by having that as a tool it creates everything a woman would need for a successful life.  


How would describe entrepreneurship in Antigua?

Entrepreneurship on a whole is hard work. However, in Antigua I think people would find entrepreneurship to be very risky and this could play a very discouraging role in becoming one. What I think we need are more risk takers and pursuers of dreams.


What was the biggest learning experience you ever had?

Learning to transition from a carefree high schooler to a model employee. From zero responsibilities to what felt like the weight of the world at one point. 


What’s your secret talent?

I would consider drawing is my secret talent even though now it’s not a secret. When I decided to start my henna art venture this year, I basically started with no art experiences whatsoever, and when I did my first henna that’s when I discovered a new talent, one that I wasn’t even aware of. And I continue to surprise myself up to this day. 


What’s your idea of the ideal man?

Well you see this guy only exist in my head.. But I would say a man who’s ambitious, smart, humorous, kind, good looking and one that compliments my personality.  


What’s your idea of the perfect date?

Good ole male chivalry.


How did you decide or know you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

When I got my first job that’s when I realized that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Where I could enjoy my creative and financial freedom by not being the employee but the employer and hopefully encourage others on their path to doing the same.


What’s your vision for the next level?

My vision is to transform Ishwari into a regional boutique, Introducing Indian art and fashion to untapped markets.


Do you think more women should invest in their dreams?

Yes I do. To dream is one thing, to follow your dreams is another but to invest in that dream speaks volume and that is bound to take you somewhere.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself living my life exactly how I envisioned it.

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