Editor’s Christmas Message

It is with good cheer and our strongest hopes for peace and prosperity for this nation that the management and staff of Caribbean Times takes this moment to wish all of its readers, advertisers, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda, the civic leaders and their organisations, and all residents of Antigua and Barbuda a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

May the sheer joys that we tend to share and spread at this time of the year, continue to flow into 2016. We can look back on 2015 with a sense of satisfaction and a sense of progress. Yet, we also acknowledge that like the Christmas Season, there is high anticipation for better to come. Caribbean Times ascribes to the view that we should never rest on past successes, nor should we make little of the accomplishments attained.

The Christmas Season brings with it the anticipation of merriment and being with our families and friends to celebrate the birth of Jesus the Christ. It happens in real and sociable ways, whether we get together in fellowship, for partying, or for feasting. At Caribbean Times, we endeavour to thrive in a unified society, and to build on the blessings that are so visibly expressed during the Yuletide Season.

We too want to touch and share the joy of living. Caribbean Times is mindful of those who may not have families to count on, or friends to share laughter, but we know that much can change as we reflect on the love that God has granted to us free of cost. Gifts will be exchanged, and several of us may not receive any, but it is through God’s grace and tender mercies that the Christmas joy can still be claimed.

It is our faith that builds the hopes for better tomorrows. Let us, in all that we do, make this Christmas Season enjoyable and let us be considerate – one to another. Let us usher in new and meaningful ways of communicating without rancor. Let us all share the Christmas joys unending. We are ever thankful, though we continue to aspire for greater and better things in 2016. Again, Caribbean Times wishes you a Merry and Wonderful Christmas, and a Happy New Year!


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