Dwight Sawyer charged for multiple offences

Yesterday, Dwight Garth Sawyer (36) of Cassada Gardens was charged on several counts for the following offences: (1) driving without a licence, (2) driving when not covered by insurance and, (3) possession of 14 rounds of 9mm ammunition. The events leading to the charges stemmed from intelligence reaching the Rapid Response Unit of the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda.

Reliable sources reveal that Sawyer was seen driving a car. Later checks would show that he is not the holder of a driver’s licence nor was the vehicle insured. Officers at the Grays Farm Police Station apparently carried out a thorough search of the Black Toyota Starlet in the presence of Dwight Sawyer. It was during the search that a black knapsack containing a pair of black gloves, and a pair of black stocking were found. Inside of the black stocking was a white stocking containing 14 rounds of 9mm ammunition. The ammunition along with the knapsack and black gloves were kept for further investigation.

In addition, and proceeding with the investigations, the officers reportedly obtained a search warrant on the premises of Dwight Sawyer. A search was performed in his presence and a number of items were found and transferred to Police Headquarters for further investigation. Among the items that raised further suspicions were: one black hoodie, one new and unused Samsung Galaxy Tablet S2, and several other brands of cellular phones, together with a GPS Marine tracking device, One Sawzall reciprocating saw which is used for stripping vehicles, and other type saws.

It is alleged that Sawyer claimed ownership suggesting that he bought all the items found in his house on the street. Sawyer has apparently been residing in Antigua from November 2014 and investigations also indicate that he is not gainfully employed. Police are continuing with their investigations while Sawyer has been charged and remains in custody.


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