Caribbean Times is appealing locally for increased commercial activities


Antigua and Barbuda is going through a critical stage in its development. Caribbean Times is acutely aware that the economy has not blossomed in the ways that many anticipated although there are very positive signs emerging. It is recognised that just as much as Government is challenged to increased the levels of economic activity and growth, so is the private sector trying to push upwards from a fairly lengthy period of stagnation and underperformance.

With the best will in the world, and unless investments increase, and a greater sense of creativity and productivity come to the fore, persons will remain unemployed. Hesitancy could remain in the commercial sectors, and these things when combined are recipes for lawlessness, idleness, and will stall Antigua and Barbuda’s development plans and programmes.

It is precisely against this reality, and the fact that Caribbean Times itself has undergone significant changes in the last month, that through this editorial, Caribbean Times believes that it is necessary to reach out to the country. It takes innovation and the will to succeed to turn marginal growth into something significant and sustainable. Against such background, Caribbean Times is appealing to both the public and private sectors to invite the various media houses to be part of the growth strategy in the country.

Just as much as the Government needs support – financial, moral, and human – so too does Caribbean Times and other media houses. Caribbean Times in the coming weeks will offer innovative packages for those wanting to advertise or in any other way enter into commercial arrangements with this newspaper. Caribbean Times intends to become more informative, reliable, and enriching. However, the vital engine of growth, according to developmental economists, rests squarely with more economic activities being stimulated by means of producing more goods and services. At Caribbean Times, service is our watchword.

In many ways, this is a call to attract more business and readers to Caribbean Times. It is an invitation calling for additional suggestions that would ultimately lead to shaping and building our economy. Caribbean Times, while continuing to enhance the quality of its main product and services, is calling for a sense of win-win interactions from among the writing and reading public. In other words, this appeal is a challenge to all Antigua and Barbuda, demanding that we lift our standards, we kick-start the local economic cycle, so that there can be increased sales and consumption in this economy.

At the company level, Caribbean Times like most other business entities, needs to increase is sales, marketing, and advertising drives. We have offered several discounts to the private sector to push this growth factor so that we can expand on staff, continue improving on quality, and to do the innovative things which all bring vitality and stability to a fluctuating economy. Caribbean Times, makes no apology for being proactive and assertive; but with each business taking up the challenge – in small or big ways – we know that we are definitely at the spring of our social transformation and economic resurgence.

The commercial shoot-outs from increased advertising and sales, coupled with Government more evenly distributing its input to the private sector outlets, will mean the likelier chances for once again creating jobs and hiring new hands. Caribbean Times can and will start flowing with value for money; this to be achieved, not by serendipity, but by earning trust and respect of the people, the public sector, and the private sectors. Antigua and Barbuda needs a vibrant, competitive, media industry. These are the things that mark for a fair and just democratic society, and one in which prosperity can once again become the reality for all of us.

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